Ego Is the Enemy Pendant
Ego Is the Enemy Pendant
Ego Is the Enemy Pendant


Ego Is the Enemy Pendant


"Ego sucks us down like the law of gravity." —Cyril Connolly

Inspired by the international bestseller Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, Daily Stoic is excited to introduce the Ego Is the Enemy pendant.

Whatever we’re doing in life—whether we’re aspiring to do something, experiencing success or in the middle of difficulty—ego is the enemy every step along the way. That is why we designed the back of the coin to illustrate the three stages of this cycle: Aspiration. Success. Failure.

The purpose of this pendant is to remind us to be:

  • Humble when ambitious
  • Gracious when successful
  • Resilient when we fail

These stages circle the writer Cyril Connolly’s wisdom: "Ego sucks us down like the law of gravity."

The front of the pendant features a bust without a head—a reminder that ego can topple us at any moment.

In an era that glorifies selfie culture, reality TV, and other forms of shameless self-promotion, the battle against ego must be fought on many fronts. We hope that by carrying this medallion, you’re able to protect yourself against your greatest foe — your own ego.

Each pendant designed in California from sterling silver that is scratch and tarnish resistant and maintains a brilliant silver color. The delicate but strong chains are made of genuine sterling silver darkened with oxidation for a classic vintage finish.

Dimensions: The pendant measures 19.05mm or 3/4" wide and 31.75mm or 1.25" tall, and weighs approximately 5.2 grams or 1/6 oz. silver. 

The chains are .925 sterling silver 18" flat curb chains.

Shipping Information: We ship worldwide.

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