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Ego Is the Enemy: Action Guide
Ego Is the Enemy: Action Guide
Ego Is the Enemy: Action Guide

Ego Is the Enemy: Action Guide

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Use the ideas and strategies from Ego Is the Enemy to create concrete plans to deal with your own ego with our new action guide!

71 pages of explanations, extensions, and exercises that will help you use the lessons of Ego in your own life. Whether you’re dealing with your own ego, teaching coworkers how to avoid the pitfalls of success, or changing the culture of your entire organization, this action guide will help you understand and apply the teachings of Ego Is the Enemy successfully.

This PDF features:

  • 71 pages of all-new information about The Obstacle Is the Way, written by Daily Stoic’s staff and richly illustrated and professionally designed
  • Exercises on almost every page that will help you and your team apply the lessons of the book to your own life
  • Suggestions for what to read or watch next to extend the lessons, whether it’s a video lecture from Ryan or a great book suggestion
  • Directions on how to use the action guide in a group or corporate setting

This will be sent to you as a PDF. This is not a physical book.