Daily Stoic Challenge Deck

Daily Stoic Challenge Deck

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The Daily Stoic Challenge Deck features 30 individual challenge cards. Each card includes challenge instructions, a quote from Stoic philosophers like Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus, and an inspiring illustration.

Thousands of people have pushed themselves to new levels of achievement and self-improvement with the Daily Stoic’s email challenges. Now we’re proud to release the Daily Stoic Challenge Deck and help you to challenge yourself all year round.

Get this deck and you’ll be able to test your mind and body and become a better you. Check out the Daily Stoic Challenge Deck today!


  • 30 challenge cards (2.75" x 4.75"), each of which includes instructions, a Stoic quote, and a unique illustration
  • Three challenge themes—Will, Action, Perception—to test you in different ways and help you grow as a person
  • Instructions on how to use the deck—four different challenge types included